Moving on - a poem by Chloe Hunt

May 29, 2020

When the cancer is gone,

It's like going against the wind using all your force,

It’s a challenging course,

The wind is strong,

My prediction was wrong,

It’s no easy task,

To move on from the past,

The gusts of wind pushes your mind back,

To the time my body was under attack,

The force is hard to tackle,

It’s a whole new battle,

I thought the challenge was in the past,

Why is it so difficult I ask,


I edged forwards using all my power and determination,

But this isn’t without frustrations,

The wind knocks me over when it's least expected,

I didn’t realise how much my body and mind was affected,

Long term effects made it harder to get up again,

It’s hard to explain,

I used all my strength to get back on my feet,

I will never admit defeat,


But although the wind goes against me on my journey onwards,

It can also change direction and help me move forwards,

I’ve learnt to accept the things I can’t control,

Taking things in my stride is my goal,

Why fight against the wind and use all your energy,

When you can change your mindset and tackle it differently,

I first saw the powerful wind as a massive obstacle,

But I’ve proved building a life after cancer is possible.


Chloe x

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