Shauntelle's advice for coping with weight gain

September 14, 2019

I think the first piece of advice is to love your body whether it’s over weight, on the spectrum or not! Steroids are in our bodies for a reason and we wouldn’t be able to fight cancer without them. It is okay to gain weight because once you are cancer free, you have a lifetime to get back the body you had before. Just don’t be so hard on yourself!

Another one I’d say is don’t lose fashion sense if that’s a big thing for you. When I started gaining weight, I never wanted to wear jeans: it was the fear that they would look awful on me since I had bigger thighs now. I couldn’t have been more wrong thinking that because a few weeks after having lots of weight gain, my mum took me clothes shopping, I bought clothes I felt good in and it completely changed the outlook I had of myself! I gave the clothes that were not going to fit to charity so that I wasn’t going crazy when looking for clothes and feeling like nothing fit me anymore! Comfort is also key because I think since weight gain is such a sensitive topic, you should be wearing comfortable clothes that can help you feel relaxed throughout the process!


The next piece of advice is to try and eat healthily too, but at the end of the day you are going to crave bad foods. Either way there will be weight gain and I definitely stand by being healthy, but you also need to allow yourself to have those treats too. Don’t restrict foods, because it is likely that you will gain weight anyways. So, you need to be kind to yourself and have others around you who can support your weight gain and help you with coping and working through it!


My mum was always been by my side to tell me that I was still beautiful. It really helped me to realise that I really am beautiful, in a body that I’m uncomfortable in. I had to learn to adjust and accept compliments and striving through it in a better mindset than before!


What I could say to people who finish steroids is that steroids don’t come out of your body until around 6 months after you’ve taken them, so it’s a process, but don’t lose hope if you’re off steroids and have an amazing new diet and you are not seeing changes! Your body is doing so much without you even knowing and it’s rebuilding your metabolism again, it just takes time to lose the weight but time is of the essence once you fight cancer and I just promise that the feelings you have about weight gain now won’t be how you feel in the future!


Thank you for reading!

Shauntelle xxxx


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