Positivity is key!

September 11, 2018

Your world has been turned upside down by cancer, so it is impossible to be positive, right? Whilst you may feel that your life has just landed into the most negative situation possible, it is vital that you are positive because this mindset can help you get through your cancer journey better.


When I was diagnosed, my mum said to me that “We are going to fight this!”, so her optimistic determination made me positive from the beginning. I refused to believe that I could die of cancer, I was too fearful of the bad thoughts that would creep up on me, so I chose to be positive as it helped me numb the agonising pain of diagnosis. It is extremely difficult to stay positive amidst all of the negativity, so I am going to give some tips on how YOU can stay positive.


Tip 1 – Self belief

Positivity starts with believing in yourself, without this you are always held back by the negative thoughts of losing your battle. Self-belief increases positivity by instilling a fiery determination inside of you that no one can put down, which will help you to positively combat any struggles that come your way.


Tip 2 – Support network

A good support network is the key to positivity, because they are the people who instil confidence in you when you feel low, and they are the ones who do all that they can to make sure that you are okay. When I felt sad, I used to talk to my parents, because they always snapped me out of that mindset by telling me that they believed in me and reassuring me that I was going to make it through. The thing about a good support network is that they believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, so they can help you to find that self-belief and positivity deep down inside of you.


Tip 3 – Acceptance

I HATE CANCER – what about you? When I was diagnosed, I resented cancer, I absolutely hated it for doing this to me. But I soon realised that having resentment made me feel more depressed, so instead I accepted it. Acceptance is so powerful because it made me realise that I needed to focus on me in the present, not pity my sorry-self when I was diagnosed. Acceptance helped me to stay positive by making me realise that negativity holds you back, whereas positivity allows you to move forward.


Tip 4 – Determination

If you have determination, then nothing can hold you back. In fact, when you are determined you can only think of the positive outcomes, it is as if you shield out the negative thoughts that could hold you back.


Tip 5 – Live life to the full

When you are negative, this can lead into mental health issues such as depression, which is damaging to your life as it holds you back. On the other hand, positivity allows you to move forward. If you choose to live every day to the full, this will make you feel a lot more positive than being unable to do anything due to your crippling negative mindset.


Tip 6 – Counselling

Despite all of these tips, for some people they just will not work – we are all wired differently, so not everything works in the same way. I would recommend counselling. Seven months into my treatment, I used to think about death a lot, to the point that I began mentally planning out my funeral, so my doctors organised me to visit a counsellor. The counsellor helped me to think more positively, because she gave me coping mechanisms on how to deal with negative thoughts, so that I could think more positively and make positive steps forward.


Remember that positivity is key during cancer treatment, without it your journey will feel unbearable. 


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