May 29, 2020

When the cancer is gone,

It's like going against the wind using all your force,

It’s a challenging course,

The wind is strong,

My prediction was wrong,

It’s no easy task,

To move on from the past,

The gusts of wind pushes your mind back,

To the time my body was under attack,


May 27, 2020

At 15 years old, I had 18 months of treatment for Neuroblastoma.

I couldn’t wait for the day I finished treatment; I saw it as the ‘finish line’ but this was actually far from the reality. When treatment finished, I didn’t feel how I expected to feel. People think it is...

May 20, 2020

When I was first diagnosed, the original treatment plan

was to have 5 months of inpatient chemo, then have

reconstructive surgery on my leg, knee and tibia,

then finish with another 5 months of chemo to ensure

that I had the best chance of beating it. 


May 20, 2020

Pan gefais i ddiagnosis gyntaf y cynllun triniaeth wreiddiol oedd cael 5 mis

o chemo  ,yna cael llawdriniaeth adlunio ar ben-glin fy nghoes a thibia ac yna gorffen gyda 5 mis arall o chemo i sicrhau fy mod i wedi cael y siawns orau o'i guro.

Ar ôl 5 mis o chemo roeddwn w...

April 16, 2020

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had just started my A-Levels. I was having the best time ever and was enjoying studying a lot towards my dream career of Medicine. As soon as I got my diagnosis, everyone’s reaction around me was for me to drop out of Sixth Form and...

April 9, 2020

Cancer, those are the words you never want to hear, let alone at 12 years old. I had my whole life ahead of me until I was stopped in my tracks on October of 2010. It was all started when they discovered a large golf ball sized lump on my neck, I never thought anything...

October 1, 2019

At the age of twelve I was totally unaware of what my previous cancer treatment would do to me. Sure, I knew I had side-effects, but I was not expecting something that could change my life so much.

In late 2014 I started to have symptoms of something called the menopaus...

September 14, 2019

I think the first piece of advice is to love your body whether it’s over weight, on the spectrum or not! Steroids are in our bodies for a reason and we wouldn’t be able to fight cancer without them. It is okay to gain weight because once you are cancer free, you have a...

August 30, 2019

Before treatment, my hair reached all the way down to my lower back. It was perfect. There was nothing I wanted to change about it. However, once I started chemo, there was no chance of it not falling out. I let it fall out until there was barely any left. My mom then...

July 30, 2019

I think it is important to eat healthy food during and after treatment, but not at the expense of your wellbeing.

I think there's a common misconception between eating healthy and losing weight. I personally have both lost and gained weight from eating the same 'health...

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